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Fixed Income & Government Bonds

The investing environment is increasingly complex, with global trends such as aging demographics, declining productivity, and shifting geopolitical dynamics driving uncertainty. Our Fixed Income strategy adds additional diversification and liquidity benefits to our clients’ portfolios in any investing environment.

We provide a broad range of high quality fixed income investment options for our clients to preserve capital and liquidity, from money market securities and nominal bonds issued by all three levels of government, to inflation-linked bonds.

Our fixed income assets are managed internally, enabling customization and efficient liquidity management. We offer short-, medium- and long-term government and inflation-linked Canadian government-issued bonds and, in some relative yield-dependent cases, G7 sovereign bonds.

This breadth of fixed income options provides IMCO and our clients with the flexibility to navigate different market environments and allows clients to achieve the interest rate and inflation-rate sensitivity that is appropriate for their liability profile.

Chart of Fixed Income Breakdown by Portfolio Mandate

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