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Creating Value

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We offer a compelling combination of investment experience, agile decision-making and execution, and sophisticated strategies at a lower cost than most public sector funds could achieve on their own. We provide enhanced oversight and reporting and help to alleviate resource pressures.

We Understand Your Challenges

The investment landscape is undergoing profound changes. Challenges for institutional asset owners and investors have never been greater. IMCO is designed to support public-sector funds and related asset pools grappling with:

  • The proliferation of complex investment strategies
  • Limited budgets and resources
  • An increasingly complicated regulatory environment
  • Heightened oversight and risk management expectations
  • Pressure to consider non-traditional assets, given the expected low-return market environment
  • Heightened demand for specialized investment capability
  • Increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors

We Have Deep Investment Management Expertise

High-quality portfolio construction and advisory services

Once we fully understand your future obligations, risk appetite, key objectives and liquidity requirements, we apply our expertise to analyse and construct a total portfolio using a full suite of traditional and alternative investment solutions supported by market-leading tools and systems.

Deep bench of specialist teams

Our experts are focused on investment strategy, portfolio construction, risk management and operations, which frees up your time to focus on
your business.

Sophisticated risk management systems

We seek to maintain direct line-of-sight on all aspects of investment risk – both quantitative and qualitative – at the total portfolio, asset class, mandate and individual investment level. In addition, awareness and understanding of key risks is built into our culture and our investment approach.

Leading investment opportunities in both private and public markets

With over $60 billion in assets under management, we have access to significant opportunities around the world and can execute transactions swiftly.

We Serve Your Needs

Effective governance

Our independent and professional board of directors is composed of individuals with deep investment, oversight and risk management experience.

Meaningful reporting and highly engaged client servicing

We equip you with the proactive ideas, knowledge and transparency necessary to meet internal stakeholder needs as well as regulatory oversight requirements.

Operational excellence and cost efficiency

We invest in the people and complex systems needed to structure portfolios, access investments, monitor risks and report on performance to the highest standards, while you benefit from lower costs through economies of scale.

Reduced complexity

Your organization can reduce or eliminate the administrative burden associated with managing assets by delegating day-to-day oversight to IMCO.

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