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Exceptional portfolio management for clients is our priority. Pension plan sponsors have long-term obligations that require an intimate understanding of the relationship among assets, liabilities and risk. For other types of (non-pension) asset pools, understanding overall risk/return objectives and ultimate desired outcomes is a critical starting point.

We deploy a comprehensive client-service approach that includes a tailored on-boarding process, a full range of investment and advisory services (such as portfolio construction, liquidity management, and economic and financial research) and a suite of investment strategies and products.

Our Approach to Investing

We create custom portfolios based on the risk/return profiles of various asset classes and analyze how each contributes to our clients’ ultimate risk/return objectives and desired outcomes.

IMCO offers investment strategies that provide diversification across asset classes, securities, holdings, investment managers and investment styles. We use external investment managers when we believe that doing so is the most effective and efficient way to access an investment. When selecting external managers, we look for third parties who can generate active returns and who satisfy a set of demanding due-diligence hurdles. We also seek relationships with key strategic partners who can enable us to invest directly in more complex transactions.

We believe that asset allocation is among the most important determinants of investment returns and risk. We allocate to major asset classes, based on prevailing market conditions, and each investment is continuously monitored for performance and overall portfolio fit to manage risk and enhance returns. We manage portfolios based on long-term market expectations but employ a flexible process to optimize allocations as markets change. This ensures that we manage clients’ risk exposure.

Our Approach to Portfolio Construction

At IMCO, we take a client-centric view on portfolio construction. We consider both asset classes and risk factors to construct durable portfolios that can adapt to potential long-term trends and market fluctuations. We also work diligently to understand the characteristics of each of our clients’ liabilities and financial objectives. We collaborate with them to define investment objectives and to advise on a strategic asset allocation that optimizes expected returns, consistent with each client’s risk appetite. This work is supported by dedicated portfolio construction, research and client-service teams.


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Our Approach to Reporting

We understand that our clients face a heightened demand for transparency by their respective stakeholders. Therefore, we recognize the need for them to access complete, accurate and timely information on their portfolio holdings and performance.

We deliver regular updates to support clients and their stakeholder needs as well as regulatory oversight requirements. This includes interpretation of client-specific performance as well as economic and investment strategy research (used for portfolio construction purposes and individual strategies).

Our clients can expect comprehensive reporting that summarizes key relevant data, so they can understand the drivers of their portfolio’s performance. Our suite of reports includes timely market and economic updates, quarterly performance recaps, summary of portfolio positioning and IMCO’s forward-looking views, among other analysis and commentary tailored to our clients’ respective objectives and risk/return targets.

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