The IMCO Difference

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The IMCO Difference

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We offer a compelling combination of investment experience, agile decision-making and execution, and sophisticated strategies at a lower cost than most public sector funds could achieve on their own. We provide enhanced oversight and reporting and help to alleviate resource pressures.

We Understand Your Challenges

IMCO is designed to support public-sector funds and related asset pools grappling with:

  • The proliferation of complex investment strategies
  • Limited budgets and resources
  • An increasingly complicated regulatory environment
  • Heightened oversight and risk management expectations
  • Pressure to consider non-traditional assets, given the expected low-return market environment
  • Heightened demand for specialized investment capability
  • Increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors

We Offer Compelling Scale

Our clients have access to enhanced capabilities they didn't previously have, at no incremental costs (on an asset mix adjusted basis). Clients benefit from IMCO’s scale across all our offerings:

  • Strategic portfolio construction advice
  • Access to a global universe of distinct and compelling investment opportunities
  • Best-in-class risk management
  • Cost effectiveness

We Enable Access to Global Investments

As one of Canada’s largest institutional investors, we have access to significant opportunities around the world and the ability to execute transactions efficiently.

Our scale gives clients cost-effective access to a well-diversified global portfolio, including sought-after private and alternative asset classes like private equity, infrastructure and hedge funds. Our active investing strategy uses robust credit underwriting processes to ensure that the underlying credit risk is appropriately managed. We invest in a combination of segregated accounts, funds, co-investments and direct investments in both private and public securities, with an increasing emphasis on co-investments and direct investments, which help to decrease overall costs.

We offer diversification across all asset classes, investment styles and investment partners. We also collaborate across asset class teams because we believe that creativity produces better outcomes.

We use external managers when we believe that it is the most effective and efficient way to access an investment. We have strong partnerships with high-performing external managers, like-minded peers and institutional investors. Over time, we expect to shift more of our activities into internal management and direct investments.

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