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Grow with Us

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We are a large and dynamic pool of capital with unparalleled growth prospects and managed by a nimble and creative team of experienced investors. A new, yet one of Canada’s largest institutional investors, we are ready to establish relationships and expand strategic partnerships with high performers who share our long-term outlook and want to grow with us.


Disciplined Approach. Long Horizon. Unlimited Potential.

At IMCO, we take a disciplined approach to creating value for our clients. We offer diversification across all asset classes, as well as securities, investment managers and investment styles. And unlike many market participants, we have a long-term investment and business outlook.

Our large pool of capital is expanding as our client universe represents over CAN$100 billion in potential new assets. With a fast-growing pool of assets to manage, we are highly motivated to establish strong partnerships with high-performing external managers, like-minded peers and institutional investors.


We are a top-quality partner, with the flexibility, scale and capability to invest directly across a broad spectrum of global assets.