Investment Beliefs


Investment Beliefs

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We make important investment decisions on behalf of our clients every day. Our Investment Beliefs represent our approach to investing and they directly align our actions with our corporate values.


Our Investment Beliefs

Asset allocation is among the most important determinants of investment returns and risk.

We believe that by providing strong in-house asset allocation advice and a diverse range of investment products, we can enable our clients to achieve sustained, long-term results that exceed their required rate of return.

Understanding and managing risk is at the core of investing.

We believe that the ultimate risk for our clients is their inability to meet their promised financial obligations. True diversification and capital preservation are key to mitigating this risk and strong risk management systems and practices improve the investment decision making around these factors. Therefore, a robust risk framework and client engagement guide our investment activities.

Costs matter.

We believe that results must be evaluated on a risk-adjusted-return, after-all-costs, basis. While passive investing typically leads to lower costs for our clients, we believe that active investing can create the potential for higher net returns. Thus, we will always evaluate whether active versus passive, internal versus external, or public versus private approaches are appropriate based on several factors including costs, potential to achieve outperformance, and benefits in terms of risk oversight.

We are prudent investors.

We believe that sustained material investment outperformance is difficult to achieve, and that over-confidence can lead to imprudent investment decisions. Therefore, we will promote an internal culture that focuses on delivering value over the long-term and that is distinguished by prudence, humility and awareness of the important objectives of our clients.

Good governance improves investment performance.

We believe that our strategic and operational independence allows us to make strong investment decisions that are not influenced by extraneous considerations. We believe that strong internal governance, combined with robust compliance and reporting processes, improves investment performance.

Our people are our most valuable assets.

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining world-class talent is critical to being competitive in a global investing landscape. We believe that people who are engaged and passionate continuously seek ways to improve our business and feel empowered to adapt to change. Client service is our central focus and therefore our interests are closely aligned with our clients’ interests. Consequently, our culture, and how we measure the performance of our employees is aligned with our clients’ investment objectives and risk appetite.

Incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the investment process helps to better manage risk and contribute to long-term performance.

We believe ESG factors must be considered across asset classes. We support ESG initiatives that seek improved corporate disclosure, which in turn empower long-term investors to make more effective evaluations of risk and return.