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Government Bonds and Credit

Government bonds and other fixed income securities offer a stable source of income for our clients. The asset class also serves to preserve capital, diversify risk from public equities and moderate the impact of interest rate changes on our clients’ liabilities.

A highly liquid and low-risk portfolio of money market securities, predominantly Canadian government T-bills and short-term credit securities, give clients ready access to liquidity. We manage fixed income and money market exposure using a combination of active and index-replication strategies.

IMCO also manages a portfolio of private debt assets that consist mostly of high-quality, investment and non-investment-grade, income-bearing products of various maturities that are unavailable in the public market. These products enable IMCO to capitalize on market opportunities while maintaining a focus on capital preservation and current cash yield. Our access to investment grade private debt is primarily via private placements. We maintain relationships with highly experienced partners across North America and Europe to access non-investment-grade opportunities.


$13.8 Billion

Government Bonds and Credit assets under management, as at December 31, 2018


Of IMCO’s overall portfolio

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