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Public Equities

Publicly traded company shares are an important source of long-term investment returns that help our clients meet their financial obligations.

Our public equities portfolio provides diverse exposure to listed companies in a variety of geographic regions, including Canada, the United States, other developed countries and emerging markets. We also diversify across the market capitalization spectrum and business sectors.

IMCO aims to generate long-term results that are above our benchmark, while achieving better than benchmark return-to-risk ratios. To accomplish this, we pursue a variety of equities strategies that collectively add value, reduce costs, and reduce risk and volatility. To achieve results that optimize return, risk and costs, we take two approaches to investing: lower-cost factor investing, and high-conviction active investing. Factor investing uses rules-based strategies that offer efficient access to factors that are shown to generate outperformance over longer periods of time (factors such as quality, momentum, size and value).

When choosing active managers, we look for third parties with niche mandates that can fill specific gaps, expert teams that excel at stock-picking, and high-conviction ideas and concentrated equities portfolios, rather than broad-based portfolios that can cause over-diversification.


$22.3 Billion

Public Equity assets under management, as at
December 31, 2018


Of IMCO’s overall portfolio

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