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Our Public Equities portfolio invests across high conviction, high engagement opportunities; actively managed factor-based strategies; and cost-efficient index exposure in combination with an active total portfolio construction.

IMCO’s Public Equities program delivers on long-term growth through capital appreciation and dividend income generated by investing in publicly traded organizations that span sectors in developed and emerging global markets. Through our three equity pools—Global Equity Pool, Emerging Markets Pool, and Canadian Equity Pool—we provide our clients with equitable access to low-cost portfolios that take advantage of diverse strategies and mandates.

Our fundamental equities team generates research and new ideas while our external manager team engages with best-in-class managers to deepen our due diligence and turn feedback into action. With our teams’ scale and expertise, and our select partnerships, we can execute concentrated, actively managed strategies powered by collaborative and highly productive relationships. This allows us to invest in niche mandates that deliver differentiated returns while aligning with our responsible investing framework and our clients’ ESG values.

Every position we take in our clients’ portfolios is intentional and accountable for results. Our $26.3-billion Public Equities program delivers on our commitment to our clients through meaningful, strategic investments at a lower cost.


Within the Public Equities portfolio is the Fundamental Equities program. The Fundamental Equities mandate is focused on identifying and pursuing high conviction and high engagement investment opportunities around the world, building a portfolio founded on differentiated fundamental research and in-depth due diligence. The mandate prioritizes quality companies in sectors and regions where we believe we have the best ability to generate excess returns and includes high engagement opportunities as well as collaboration with other IMCO asset classes and partners. Learn more about Fundamental Equities here.


As of Dec 31, 2021

$26.3 Billion

Public Equity assets under management


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