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Deep research, strong relationships, and broad investing capabilities. It’s how our Real Estate team identifies target markets with high-growth characteristics to invest in core and value-add properties. Our Real Estate portfolio is diversified across world-class commercial, industrial, retail and residential assets, delivering long-term inflation-sensitive returns for our clients.

IMCO’s clients gain selective access to a real estate portfolio that includes assets like Toronto’s renowned TD Centre, Vancouver’s Pacific Centre, coveted office space in New York City and a suite of multi-residential properties across the United States. Our strong, long-term partnerships with some of the world’s best real estate managers across the industrial, commercial, residential and retail sectors make this possible.

Our highly experienced, engaged and nimble team takes a collaborative approach to investing, with meaningful allocations in diverse markets powered by deep research. We seek out invaluable on-the-ground advice from our partners to identify high-growth opportunities—in property type, geographic location, or investment structure, size, and life cycle—within target markets that offer added value for our clients. Our portfolio structure offers our clients a universe of flexible possibilities to unlock and maximize performance through direct and co-investment, funds and REITs.

Amid IMCO’s repositioning of a $11.9 billion cross-sectoral real estate portfolio, we remain mindful of major global trends, from the shift to e-commerce and remote work to aligning investments with ESG values and commitments. Our scale positions clients to benefit from access to greenfield investments, ESG screening methodologies, robust risk management and professional portfolio construction.


As of Dec 31, 2021

$11.9 Billion

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(As at Dec. 31, 2021)

Our Investment Strategy in Action

Investing in climate technology to decarbonize the real estate industry

Real estate is one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, ahead of transportation, food production, and manufacturing. Current climate technology is cost prohibitive and limited in its effectiveness at reducing carbon emissions. With tenant demand for greener buildings and the age of existing buildings increasing, the need for new climate technology innovation has never been greater. IMCO’s investment in Fifth Wall’s Climate Fund—the largest investment vehicle dedicated to decarbonizing the real estate industry—will spur new technology to green the entire life cycle of real estate, reflecting our commitment to responsible investing.
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Our commitment to “unprecedented innovation” in life sciences is driving innovation to save lives

IMCO’s USD$325-million investment in the Breakthrough Life Science Property Fund, which aims to develop a portfolio of properties including Harvard University’s Enterprise Research Campus, comes as the U.S. life sciences sector addresses age-related chronic ailments.
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Investing in logistics as e-commerce drives rapid delivery times and demand for robust inventory

As consumers rely on e-commerce more than ever, IMCO commits $150-million via a joint venture with WPT Industrial REIT to increase exposure to industrial properties in strategic U.S. logistics markets.
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IMCO leads on the future of office design and urban resiliency

Through our co-investment in Google’s new Toronto headquarters at 65 King East, we are advancing the development of innovative architecture, employee-centric workplace design and Toronto’s expanding downtown core.
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