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As fiduciaries and responsible stewards of our clients’ assets, we employ a disciplined investment process that considers ESG issues to create real value for clients, both by managing ESG risks and searching for relevant investment opportunities to generate sustainable long-term returns. We recognize there is growing evidence of the link between ESG issues and financial performance, and this makes the management and evaluation of ESG matters a part of our fiduciary duty.

Our ESG strategy is built on four pillars: Integration, Stewardship, Sustainable Investing, and Screening.


The Four Pillars of IMCO’s ESG Strategy

Integration, Stewardship, Sustainable Investing and Screening


We integrate ESG risks and opportunities in our investment processes to support and enhance our investment analysis and decisions READ MORE


We practice good stewardship by actively monitoring, influencing and engaging with external managers and companies on ESG matters READ MORE

pillarSustainable Investing

We invest in sustainable, long-term ESG opportunities that contribute to investment returns and have a positive impact on the environment and society READ MORE


We use Screening Guidelines to align our investment decisions with our core values and risk tolerances READ MORE

ESG Governance Framework

We believe that a clearly visible and diligent governance process needs to be in place in order to execute our ESG strategy. This begins with our Board of Directors, who sets the tone at the top, provides ESG guidance and oversight, including approval of responsible investing policies, and board members receive regular ESG updates. The Senior Executive Team provides strategic oversight on our responsible Investing policies, ESG goals and strategy, and the Management Investment Committee provides oversight/approval of investment-related matters on ESG implementation. Our investment teams implement IMCO’s ESG strategy and initiatives relevant to their asset classes. They are supported by a Responsible Investing Working Group, composed of members from our Investment and Risk teams; and by our Responsible Investing team, a dedicated internal resource that champions and facilitates implementation of IMCO’s ESG strategy.