Proxy Voting Guidelines

Proxy Voting Guidelines

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The Proxy Voting Guidelines outline guidelines and procedures for implementing IMCO’s approach to proxy voting for public equity holdings.

Complete Proxy Voting Guideline PDF

Purpose and General Guidance

IMCO believes that good corporate governance enhances long-term shareholder value. Proxy voting is one component of the corporate governance process, enabling shareholders to express their views on a variety of issues.

Consistent with our focus on fiduciary duty and long-term value creation, IMCO considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our investment decision making processes, and actively promotes the adoption of sound governance practices at companies in which we invest. Proxy voting guidelines give the directors and officers of companies in which we own shares guidance on how IMCO is likely to vote on matters put to shareholders.

The Proxy Voting Guidelines are generally intended to apply to publicly listed companies. Privately held companies differ from public companies in terms of protective measures available to shareholders and other governance features.

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