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IMCO releases World View

IMCO releases World View, defining the global trends that matter for clients and investors

TORONTO (January 16, 2023) – The Investment Management Corporation of Ontario ("IMCO") today released its World View, a comprehensive research paper that defines the global trends that will most impact clients’ assets and the accompanying implications for investors.

After decades of relative global stability and "predictable" economic policy, the world appears to be shifting towards a more volatile regime, with sources of economic and geopolitical disruption surfacing everywhere. Macroeconomic policy is also undergoing a profound revolution as frameworks that were once viewed as unflappable are starting to come under growing scrutiny.

This upheaval is making it increasingly difficult to rely on the past as a predictor of the future. In recognition of these changes, IMCO developed its World View as a foundational piece of research that will inform asset mix and investment decisions.

Authored by IMCO's research team following months of analysis and discussions with investment teams, senior management, and external research partners, the World View identifies six global themes expected to play a significant role in driving returns over the coming decade. Many of these represent an "inflection point" or reversal of previously entrenched trends.

The World View also examines the economic and market implications of these themes, that institutional investors such as IMCO might consider doing in response to these macroeconomic outcomes.

Read IMCO’s World View.


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