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IMCO releases World View 2024

IMCO releases World View 2024, charting a year of transformative developments, from shifting US-China relations to breakthroughs in AI technology and their implications for long-term investors

TORONTO (January 31, 2024) – The Investment Management Corporation of Ontario ("IMCO") today released its World View 2024, a report that pinpoints four key developments in a rapidly evolving macroeconomic and geopolitical environment that are shaping the investment landscape in the years ahead. The IMCO World View 2024 builds on the foundational research laid out in its inaugural 2023 report, which defined the global trends that will most impact clients' assets and the accompanying implications for investors.

The four key developments identified in the report include:

  • Further fraying in US-China relations: Declining globalization, rising protectionist policies and intensifying global competition underscore the frayed relationship between the US and China, impacting economic efficiency and free trade.
  • Passage of the IRA & CHIPS Act: Governments are increasingly adopting a "visible hand" approach in the post-pandemic era, providing incentives to grow targeted sectors such as renewable energy and clean technology while promoting domestic social objectives.
  • US regional banking crisis: The retrenchment in regional bank credit opens significant opportunities for private creditors to expand lending in specific market segments such as middle-market and special situations.
  • The year of artificial intelligence ("AI"): The rapid adoption and integration of AI technology across markets and industries signals a transformative era, creating new investment opportunities.

To learn more about why these developments are consequential for investors, including the potential opportunities investors might consider seizing, and risks they should mitigate, read the full IMCO World View 2024 report.


Annette Robertson
Corporate Communications, IMCO


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