IMCO Forum 2023

On October 5, 2023, IMCO hosted our annual IMCO FORUM, an event organized to exchange ideas and share new perspectives about global forces shaping the investment landscape.

IMCO FORUM 2023 Logo

IMCO World View Update

This year's event featured an update on our World View research by Nick Chamie, Chief Strategist, and how that helps our investment team navigate current events and identify opportunities to achieve long-term results for our clients.


US-China Relations

David Bezic, Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Research, Total Portfolio and Capital Markets examines the economic and market implications that stem from increased tensions between the US and China.


Inflation Reduction Act

Matt Mendes, Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure describes what opportunities will emerge from the Inflation Reduction Act and which ones are best for IMCO to consider.


Regional Banking Crisis

Jennifer Hartviksen, Managing Director, Head of Credit describes how the regional banking crisis plays to our advantages as a nimble and flexible investor.


Artificial Intelligence

Angus Botterell, Senior Managing Director, Head of Active Public Equity and Public Market Alternatives discusses the investment implications, opportunities and risks that will emerge from artificial intelligence.