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Our Commitment to Client Success

The IMCO Difference

IMCO delivers compelling investment solutions for Ontario's public sector. We offer a compelling combination of investment experience, agile decision-making and execution, and sophisticated strategies at a lower cost than most public sector funds could achieve on their own.

Sofia Assaf

"At IMCO, delivering client success is at the centre of our public purpose mandate."
Sofia Assaf, Chief Client Officer

Designed Exclusively For Ontario's Public Sector

IMCO was designed exclusively to drive better investment outcomes for Ontario's broader public sector. We understand the challenges of:

  • Market complexities
  • Achieving environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments
  • Limited budgets and resources, and
  • Heightened risk management expectations

Led by an experienced management team and guided by a professional board of directors, we are an independent organization focused on providing investment management strategies and services to meet our clients’ investment and oversight needs.

How IMCO Drives Value for Our Clients

Public Purpose and Alignment of Interests

IMCO was built with a public purpose and a singular focus on our fiduciary duty to broad public sector clients in Ontario. We operate on a cost-recovery basis, prudently managing investment and operating costs.

Deep Global Investment Management Experience

Our diversified investment strategies include externally managed mandates and internal direct investments, as well as total portfolio management capabilities. Clients have access to sought-after private and alternative asset classes, such as private equity and global credit.

Benefits of Scale

As one of Canada’s largest institutional investors, we invest around the world and can execute large transactions efficiently. Our size, scale and global relationships give clients improved access to a broad range of investment opportunities, at efficient cost.

Unbiased Strategic Asset Mix Advice

Our objective is to achieve long-term results that enable clients to meet their financial obligations. We work diligently to understand each client’s obligations and objectives, then advise on and build tailored investment solutions.

Risk Management and Total Portfolio Oversight

IMCO delivers comprehensive risk monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities. Our risk teams monitor client portfolios daily to ensure they are consistent with the desired asset allocation and risk tolerance.

Reporting and Servicing Model

We also provide an enhanced level of transparency, oversight and reporting, and partner with our clients in a way that helps alleviate critical resource pressures.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our primary objective is to achieve long-term results that will enable our clients to meet their financial obligations — now and for decades to come.

  • We will ensure positive outcomes for your public stakeholders, as we are also a public purpose organization.
  • We will work closely with your organization to understand your constraints and objectives, and design strategies that will meet your commitments and goals.
  • As stewards of client capital and a responsible institution, we will play a role in limiting the negative impacts of climate change and contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • We will ensure you are fully engaged throughout the onboarding process and have a positive client experience in integrating into IMCO.
  • We leverage best-in-class investment strategies aimed at delivering attractive returns for our clients so they can deliver on their obligations to their stakeholders.
  • We will ensure your organization and key stakeholders receive timely, ongoing high-quality client-support through our dedicated client teams.